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"More than 12 million people in the United States, about 80 percent of whom are age 50 or older and about half of whom are age 65 or older, need some kind of long-term care. Among those who are 50+ years of age, the average age is 75; the average age of all care recipients is 66. Nearly two-thirds of care recipients are female. Many of those in need of care simply cannot go without it-about 20 percent of adults needing assistance are unable to find someone to help, either paid or voluntary".

At Home There is Always Hope

These data from the recently published Report of MetLife and Schmieding Foundations "Care giving in America" as well as long term demographic trends in US population aging and poor preparedness of American Society to meet it are the main factors that encourage us to expend our activity and intensify our efforts to help senior Americans as well as people of other ages to find assistance they need.


Dr. Nataliya Lakiza,
Founder and Managing Director

About Us

CHEVY CHASE HOME CARE is a private, minority & woman organized metropolitan Washington, DC headquartered care giving agency, licensed, insured and bonded.We serve Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia.

CHEVY CHASE HOME CARE brings over 20 years of its founder's experience in public health, demographic and geriatric researches as well as healthy life style, dieting and physical exercising recommendations developed for senior Europeans and Americans, major breakthrough from international projects for United Nations, the World Bank, World Health Organization, etc.

Because our main goal is to deliver the best quality services to our clients - we closely monitor the most recent achievements in geriatric researches and care giving services industry. To be on the top of these developments we have joined the most advanced US professional organization in this field - The National Council On Aging.

Starting 4 years ago with services for elderly - now we serve people of ALL AGES that need our reliable, highly skilled non-medical EXPRESS assistance. Our clients come to us from all walks of life and are as diverse as Montgomery County and metropolitan Washington DC - people of all faiths and ethnic groups and all variety of settings. Some live along, some with spouses, with sister or brother, are at the hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Some of our clients could find the right caregivers for them only at CHEVY CHASE HOME CARE after testing many other agencies.


Our Mission

1. To help the ELDERLY to remain at homes and in the life's mainstream of their choice as long and as independently as possible. As well as deliver personal attention and assistance to the senior clients while at the hospitals, nursing and assisted living facilities

2. To support a fast and successful recovery for PEOPLE OF ALL AGES (including children and youth) during and after their hospitalization, after surgery, at time of illness, infirmity, loneliness - at their homes or medical facilities

3. We provide care for our clients and guarantee a peace of mind for their families!